Day 30 - Democrat Bill Status

The Democratic Legislative Caucus has collectively introduced 37 pieces of legislation: 25 House Bills, 4 Joint House Resolutions, and 8 Senate Files.


The following bills are ALIVE:


HB62 - Immunity for drug overdose reporting.

Protects people who report drug overdoses from being prosecuted on some drug charges if they cooperate with emergency workers responding to the overdose.

Sponsors: PELKEY, Blake, Lindholm, Schwartz and Zwonitzer and Senator(s) Case


Status: S Placed on General File


HB75 - Automatic restoration of the right to vote.

When people are convicted of a non-violent crime, they must wait 5 years after serving their sentence and probation to apply to restore their right to vote. That’s not fair to them or Wyoming. Every citizen should have the most basic of all freedoms: a voice and vote at the ballot box.

Sponsors: BYRD, Barlow, Blake and Pelkey and Senator(s) Driskill


Status: S Received for Introduction


HB103 - Housing Authority

Allows counties to establish a housing authority and appoint commissioners to serve on the regional housing authority board.

Sponsors: SCHWARTZ and Gierau


Status: S Received for Introduction


HB142 - Governmental immunity-waiver for health care facilities.

Whistleblower bill. Currently, there are no protections for state employees who raise attention to instances of Medicaid fraud and patient mistreatment. This bill would address those concerns and still allow for disciplinary action on false claims.

Sponsors: CONNOLLY, Nicholas, B., Sommers and Wilson and Senator(s) Rothfuss and Von Flatern


Status: S Introduced and Referred to S10 - Labor


HB144 - New trial based on actual innocence.

In 2013, Andrew Johnson was released from a 23-year prison stay after newly discovered DNA evidence exonerated him. This bill allows wrongly convicted people to a new trial based on evidence that proves their innocence.

Sponsors: PELKEY, Baker, Blake, Gierau and Pownall and Senator(s) Case


Status: S Introduced and Referred to S01 - Judiciary


HB161 -  Divorce-residency

Allows either spouse to petition for divorce if they’ve resided in Wyoming for at least 60 days. Currently, only the petitioner can be granted a divorce and an unintended consequences of that is a spouse attempting to escape domestic violence and/or abuse may be forced to move or remain in Wyoming.

Sponsors: PELKEY, Connolly, Gierau, Lindholm and Zwonitzer and Senator(s) Case and Hastert


Status: S Placed on General File


HB209 - Disparity in wages and benefits between men and women.

It's time for an update! In 2003 the state legislature paid for a study that confirmed the wage gap and studied solutions to address it. Wyoming women face the widest wage gap in the nation - we need to know why and how we can address it with the most up-to-date data and facts.  

Sponsors: CONNOLLY and Halverson


Status: S Placed on General File


HB238 - Nude image of a minor disseminated or possessed by a minor.

“Sexting” is the practice of creating and sending sexually explicit images via mobile phones or the internet. It is rampant among minors and has caused both school officials and law enforcement serious problems. Under current statutes, “sexting” is considered child pornography, and therefore minors could be convicted under the child pornography laws -  a teen sexting could face up to 10 in prison, fined up to $10,000 for the first offense, and placed under the sex offender registry.


By creating a misdemeanors for teens “sexting”, prosecutors can use their discretion and set up penalties that don’t follow the teens with long-lasting consequences into their adulthood.

Sponsors: CONNOLLY, Baker, Bovee, Brown, Freeman, Halverson, Miller, Northrup, Pelkey and Sommers and Senator(s) Anselmi-Dalton, Christensen, Coe, Pappas, Rothfuss and Wasserburger


Status: S Introduced and Referred to S01 - Judiciary


SF117 - Nationwide multistate licensing system-collection agencies.

Requires debt collection agent applicants to undergo criminal background checks. Each collection agency license expires on December 31 of each year.

Sponsors: ROTHFUSS and Representative(s) Connolly


Status: H Introduced and Referred to H07 - Corporations


SF133 - Postmortem despoiling penalties.

Creates a felony to mutilate the deceased and to do so with the intent to conceal a felony.

Sponsors: HASTERT, Driskill, Von Flatern and Wasserburger and Representative(s) Barlow, Blackburn, Blake, Freeman, Pelkey and Pownall

Status: H 2nd Reading:Passed


SF154 - Sex offender registration-accessories.

Requires sex offenders convicted as an accessory before the fact of specificed offenses to be entered into the sex offender registery.

Sponsors: HASTERT, Anselmi-Dalton and Boner and Representative(s) Barlow

Status: S Received for Concurrence

Courtesy of the Equality State Policy Center