County Parties

Not sure how to contact your county party?

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Albany County Democratic Party

Chair Denise Greller

Vice Chair Chris Lowry

Secretary Rebecca Roberts

Treasurer Mary Foster

State Committeewoman Adrienne Vetter

State Committeeman Erik Molvar

Meets every second Monday at the West Laramie Fire Station (2374 Jefferson St. Laramie, 82072) at 6:00pm.


Facebook: Albany County Democrats


Mailing Address: PO Box 782 Laramie, WY 82073


Big Horn Democratic Party

Chair Everett Dunklee

Vice Chair John McGough

Treasurer Elinor Cruze

Secretary Derb Linse

State Committeewoman Lynette Murray (pending acceptance) 

State Committeeman Ralph Wensky (pending acceptance)


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Campbell County Democratic Party

Chair Lisa Finkey

Vice Chair Glen Hackman

Treasurer Duffy Jenniges

Secretary Steve McManamen

State Commiteewoman Carol Lynn Coleman

State Committeeman Billy Montgomery


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Carbon County Democratic Party

Chair Linda Flemming

Vice Chair David Throgmorton

Secretary Sadie Martinez

Treasurer Cindy Baldwin

State Committeewoman Glee Johnson

State Committeeman Vern Whitfield


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Converse County Democratic Party

Chair Vickie Goodwin

Vice Chair Mel Nelson

Secretary Nancy Daly

Treasurer Katherine Pexton

State Commiteewoman Emily Jensen

State Committeeman Brian DuBois


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Crook County Democratic Party

Chair Randy Leinen

Vice Chair Muriel Gade

Secretary Joseph Baron

Treasurer Billy Meyers

State Committeewoman Linda Rogers

State Committeeman Rodney Knudson

Meets every first Saturday of the month in the Jury Room of the Crook County Courthouse, 309 E Cleveland St, Sundance, WY 82729


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Fremont County Democratic Party

Chair Ron Howard

Vice Chair Sergio Maldonado 

Secretary Mary Haper

Treasurer Mike Crosby

State Committeeman Rod Haper

State Committeewoman Kathleen O'Leary


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Goshen County Democratic Party

Chair Robert Melonuck

Vice Chair Sherri Lovercheck

Secretary/Treasurer Sherryll Helzer

State Committeeman Wayne Deahl 

State Committeewoman Anne Gardetto

Hot Springs County Democratic Party 

Chair - Howie Samelson
Vice Chair - 
Secretary - 
Treasurer - 
State Committeeman -
State Committeewoman - 
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Johnson County Democratic Party

Chair Claudia Clark

Vice Chair Bill McIntyre

Secretary Grace Gosar

Treasurer Jim Shell

State Committeewoman Grace Gosar

State Committeeman Tony Sears

Laramie County Democratic Party 

Chair Lee Filer

Vice Chair Lori Brand

Secretary Connie Glassman

Treasurer Mike Bleakley

State Committeewoman Betty Jo Beardsley

State Committteeman Calob Taylor

Meets the third Monday of every month at the IBEW Hall, 810 Fremont Ave, Cheyenne 82001

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Lincoln County Democratic Party 

Currently under re-organization.

Please contact for more information.

Natrona County Democratic Party

Chair Brett Governanti

Vice Chair Laurie Longtine

Treasurer Shauna Gibbs

Secretary Cathy McQueen

State Committeewoman RC Johnson

State Committeeman Eric Nelson

Meets on every last Thursday of every month, 6:30PM at the IBEW Hall, Local 322, 691 English Dr. Casper, WY 82601


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Niobrara County Democratic Party

Chair - Ross Diercks
Vice Chair - 
Treasurer - 
Secretary - 
State Committeeman - 
State Committeewoman - 

Park County Democratic Party

Chair Michael Specht

Vice Chair Linda Pettengill

Treasurer Jane Arnett

Secretary Cassandra Specht

State Committeewoman Terri Sporkin

State Committeeman John Osgood


Facebook: Like Park County Dems!

Platte County Democratic Party

Chair - Terry Jones
Vice Chair - Sandy Cooper
Treasurer - Jeff Wilhelm
Secretary - 
State Committeeman -
State Committeewoman -

Sheridan County Democratic Party

Chair Shannon Anderson

Vice Chair Carl Carmichael

Secretary Beth

Treasurer Larry Mueller

State Committeewoman Janet Ruleaux

State Committeeman Ronn Smith


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Sublette County Democratic Party

Chair Jeanne Brown

Vice Chair Dave Racich

Secretary Molly Mulcahy 

Treasurer Julie Kappernman

State Committeewoman Jacque Strike

State Committeeman Dave Hohl

Meets the first Sunday of every month at the Sublette County Public Health Building, 630 Piney Dr, Big Piney, WY 83113.



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Sweetwater County Democratic Party

Chair Joe M. Barbuto

Vice Chairperson Michele Irwin

Treasurer RJ Pieper

Secretary Mike Masterson

State Committeewoman Cathy Denman

State Committeeman Mike Martin


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Teton County Democratic Party

Chair Luther Probst

Vice Chair Mary Cobb Erickson

Treasurer Mike Welch

Secretary Lauren Dickey

State Committeeman Hank Phibbs

State Committeewoman Leslie Peterson


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Uinta County Democratic Party

Chair Bret McCoy

Vice Chair Larissa Sneider

Secretary Teresa O'Dell

Treasurer Scott Wilcox

State Committeewoman Joice Mander

State Committeeman Eric Mander


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Washakie County Democratic Party

Currently under re-organization.

Please contact for more information.


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Weston County Democratic Party

Currently under re-organization.

Please contact for more information.


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Courtesy of the Equality State Policy Center