Wyoming Democrats share a commitment to prepare our children for success through a first-rate education, hands on engagement and appropriate funding. Improving our schools and creating a skilled and educated workforce is the key to our state's economic present and future as we continue to move into the 21st century economy.


Support common sense approach to education. Our students deserve the best education from kindergarten to college. Education standards are constantly evolving and ensuring our students have access to the latest and best education material. Economies only grow when an educated and motivated workforce is behind them. We have an obligation to ensure that our students are gaining the knowledge necessary for higher education and future careers. Schools needs continue to grow and that includes adequate nutrition and proper safety standards. Children can’t learn if they’re hungry and our schools aren’t safe.


Cradle to Career. In today’s educational environment we need to consider and expand the opportunities for childhood advancement in pre-k programs and grow a more robust community college system that meets our immediate workforce needs as well as prepares our students for transfer to the University of Wyoming. We also need to prepare and expand our top notch research university as it takes on more students and minds.


Make Wyoming Teacher Friendly. In the midst of the mandatory 5 year recalibration we are looking to assure the highest quality education through the recruitment and retention of the highest quality teachers. Schools demand adequate funding for state of the art technology and up to date curricular needs, and every Wyoming student needs the best we can offer them to academically flourish.

Education is and will be the cornerstone of the future Wyoming.


Courtesy of the Equality State Policy Center