The Wyoming Democratic Party knows that access to healthcare should be every Wyomingites’ right. Through affordable consumer options and responsible financial decisions, we believe no Wyomingite should be left out in the rain.


Expand Medicaid. The benefits that it would provide for over 17,000 hard working Wyomingites would improve their quality of life immeasurably by providing them stability in case of catastrophic health problems. Some estimates show that 111 people in the state of Wyoming die every year because they lack the healthcare benefits that expansion would provide. In the case of medicaid expansion, the federal government will pay 100 % of the cost of the expansion for the first 2 years and Wyoming will never be responsible for more than 90% of the cost. The Wyoming Democratic Party stands for responsible policies that benefits hardworking Wyomingites.


Mental Health. With Wyoming’s high rate of suicide it is important to also provide comprehensive and easy to access mental care. Suicide has touched almost all of us in some form or another. With the right programs and tools, we can raise suicide awareness and save lives. Resources that can help lift our friends and loved ones out of suicidal thought can easily be expanded. Just because mental health isn’t as visible doesn’t mean it should take months to get the care anyone needs.


Women’s Health. National dialogues have also erupted over women’s health, which we believe receives far less attention than it deserves. It is our responsibility as Democrats to help develop women’s health services, which includes reproductive health and cancer screenings. Attempts to rob women of reproductive rights and health serves elitist republicans and their unfair agenda.


Courtesy of the Equality State Policy Center