Public Lands

Wyoming Democrats believe that public lands belong to the public and not the highest bidder. Our protected spaces provide important recreation areas for sportsmen, hikers, and campers from across the state. They also provide important habitat for wyoming’s flora and fauna. Our lands need custodians and not developers.


Our public lands are more than just scenery, they are our heritage and need to be protected for posterity.


Keep Public Lands in Public Hands. Despite overwhelming evidence that selling our public lands would be catastrophic, Republicans still believe selling the people’s land to the highest bidder will help our economy and our state. We can not overstate how disastrous this decision would be for all who use public lands to hunt, fish, camp, and hike. Millions of acres that belong to the citizens of the United States would suddenly fall to private interests and developers. Public lands need to stay in public hands.


Stewardship of the land. Land is perhaps Wyoming’s greatest and most enduring natural resource. Public stewardship of the land ensures the mountains, streams and other places we love will not only endure, but flourish.

Democrats have and continue to reaffirm the belief that we can’t misuse and mismanage our land. "The nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself." Franklin D. Roosevelt


Courtesy of the Equality State Policy Center