Veteran's Affairs

The Wyoming Democratic Party believes that our duty as citizens is to take care of our returning veterans. Rather than cutting already thin assistance in the name of financial responsibility we should support our returning service members with all the help they not only need, but earned.


Strong Mental and Physical Support. Our returning veterans have fought for our rights, and bear the scars to prove it. Veteran suicide is at an all time high while republicans are still urging citizens to cut veteran services. Wyoming Democrats believe veterans are entitled to the best care and support during and after their tours of duty.


Financial Aid. When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the G.I bill in 1944, he envisioned veterans returning to opportunity and growth, not poverty. Democrats continue to reaffirm his belief by supporting strong financial aid for veterans. Whether a veteran wants to start a business, attend college or just keep their home we owe it to them to provide support wherever we can.

Veterans are our families, friends and neighbors and deserve to be honored as such. Wyoming men and women in uniform stood for us, now we can stand for them.


Courtesy of the Equality State Policy Center