Working Families

The Wyoming Democratic Party believes that protecting our workers and their families is critical to the success of the state. Through our efforts we advocate for protections of worker's voices through whistleblower protections, fully inclusive antidiscrimination policies, and strengthening OSHA protections.


Raise the Minimum Wage. With one of the lowest minimum wages in the nation Wyoming’s citizens need better pay. While the national minimum wage is already low, Wyoming’s $5.15 is a sign that we don’t respect our working men and women. Raising the minimum wage puts more money back into working hands and transforms the minimum wage into a living wage. Decreasing income inequality benefits business in the state and around the country.


Protect our Unions. To further protect the workers of Wyoming, the Wyoming Democratic Party stands alongside our brothers and sisters in labor and unions to advocate for the abolishment of right to work laws in our state. Workers with families need to provide for their needs and their futures, and we owe it to ourselves to protect their place in our state.


Worker Safety. Democrats in Wyoming believe that work is an important part of everyone’s lives.  However, there is an epidemic of worker injuries and deaths in the state that is unacceptable. Families in Wyoming shouldn’t worry about their spouse, parent or sibling  coming home at night because companies refuse to implement meaningful safety regulations. Booming business doesn’t give industry an excuse to ignore workers and their basic right to safety.


Equal work demands equal pay. Women in Wyoming make, on average, 68 cents for  every dollar a man makes. Wyoming ranks 49th in the country for our gender pay gap. As a state with a strong history of leading the country on women’s rights; Wyoming should lead the way on gender equality, not come in at the back of the line when our hard working women and families need us most.


Our party believes in the working men and women of our state and will fight for their opportunity and liberty.


Courtesy of the Equality State Policy Center