Legislature Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Wyoming State Legislature in Session?

The 2017 Session will run from January 9th- March 3rd, unless the legislature votes to extend it (this is unlikely).


How do I voice my opinion on a bill before the Legislature?

Public comments are taken during committee meetings- this is the best opportunity to influence legislation.


You can also email your legislator via email and share a personal story about how this bill impacts you. A few things to remember are to be brief, be respectful, and to put in the subject line Vote Yes/No on _____ and list the bill in question HB for a House Bill and SF for a Senate Bill and then list the numbers.


One final way is to call the Voter Hotline at 1-866-996-8683 (777-8683 for local callers in Cheyenne) and tell the operator how you would like your legislator to vote on a particular bill.


To learn how to provide public comments on a bill, visit the Wyoming Legislative website: http://legisweb.state.wy.us/LSOWEB/Participate.aspx


I want to contact my Representative and Senator. How do I find their contact information?

During session, call the Senate Receptionist at (307) 777-7711 or the House Receptionist at (307) 777-7852 to leave a brief message for a member. Written mail may be directed to a designated legislator in care of the Wyoming House or Senate, 200 W. 24th Street, Rm 213, Cheyenne, WY, 82002. Although the Legislature’s physical address has changed, the mailing address has not.


If you are contacting your legislator regarding a bill, please remember to be polite and state your name, your position, and address.


You can also find their contact information by visiting the Wyoming Legislative website: http://legisweb.state.wy.us/LSOWEB/LegInfo.aspx


Where can I find the list of bills introduced this session?

The Legislative Service Office posts all introduced bills in an index on the Wyoming Legislative website. You can find the Bill Index here: http://legisweb.state.wy.us/2017/billreference/BillReference.aspx?type=ALL   


What is the difference between a bill and a resolution?

The Wyoming State Constitution requires that every law enacted by the Legislature be introduced in the form of a bill. The bill catch title must encompass the entire subject matter of the bill and each bill can encompass only one subject. Bills are the most important of all vehicles available to the Legislature because, if passed, bills have the force and effect of law.


A resolution is an opinion made by the House, Senate, or both if it’s a joint resolution. Adopted resolutions do not have the force and effect of a law. Therefore, many of them request or urge action, rather than require action. For example, a resolution may request an agency to study a proposal or problem and report back to the Legislature or may urge action by the President of the United States, Wyoming’s congressional delegation, the Governor, or officials or agencies of other government jurisdictions.


What is a standing committee?

Standing committees are the main working components of the Senate and House and vary in size, number, and subject area. The scope of each Senate and House standing committee is outlined in the respective chambers' rules.


To learn more about the Legislature’s Rules, visit: http://legisweb.state.wy.us/LSOWEB/LegRules.aspx


Where can I find a list of terms that are difficult to understand?

The Wyoming Legislature uses its own set of terms and shorthand terminology. Refer to the Legislative Glossary: http://legisweb.state.wy.us/LSOWEB/glossary.aspx


Courtesy of the Equality State Policy Center