GOP Health Care Law is an Attack on Wyoming Families

GOP Health Care Law is an Attack on Wyoming Families



Contact: Joe M Barbuto



Cheyenne, WY - In response to this afternoon’s vote on the most recent GOP sponsored health care bill, Wyoming Democratic Party Chair Joe M Barbuto released the following statement:


“Passage of this bill in the US House highlights just how out of touch the GOP has become with working families. Liz Cheney and her Republican colleagues would rather give tax breaks to the wealthy than ensure that working families have access to quality, affordable health care. Liz Cheney has voted to protect profits over people. That is her message to Wyoming.


By voting to take away affordable health care from millions of Americans to pay for the tax cuts of the rich -- Liz Cheney has signed her own pink slip. This depraved bill -- passed completely with Republican votes after no amendments, no hearings, and no estimate for how much it will cost -- hurts older Wyomingites, women, Wyomingites with pre-existing conditions, Wyomingites with employer-based health care, and even children with disabilities. Families in Wyoming deserve a member of Congress who prioritizes their constituents’ health care needs, and come 2018, they’ll get one.”


All of the changes in this bill  to our health care system are an open attack on women and families. If this bill were to become law, insurance companies could once again classify domestic violence and sexual assault as pre-existing conditions and deny coverage to survivors. Insurance providers could refuse to cover maternity care and preventive health care services, like cancer screenings. It could even inhibit the ability of school districts to provide special education services.


Today was not a victory for Wyoming Families -- it was a stark reminder that the priorities of the Republican lawmakers are not in line with those of the people they represent.”


Courtesy of the Equality State Policy Center