changes to the wyodem caucus method

We are proud to rollout changes to the Wyoming Democratic Presidential Caucus method, including ranked-choice voting and additional caucus participation methods to ensure every WyoDem's voice is heard.

what is ranked-choice voting?

Instead of choosing one candidate, voters rank each Democratic presidential candidate in order of preference. 

Ranked-choice voting ensures that every vote is counted, allowing voters the ability to fully participate in each round of voting, regardless of how (mail, drop-off, or in person) they participate.

Here's how it works:

how can i vote?

Democratic voters will have three methods of voting in the 2020 caucus:

1. Every registered Democrat in Wyoming will receive an official ballot in the mail. Voters can choose to fill out this ballot and return it in the provided, postage-paid envelope to be tabulated.  

2. Voters may drop off their completed ballot or fill out a ballot in person on Saturday, March 28, 2020, at a location designated by their county Democratic Party.

3. Voters may attend their local county caucus on Saturday, April 4, 2020. Democratic voters can drop off their completed ballots to the caucus location or stay and vote alongside fellow county Democrats.

Drop-off and caucus locations will be updated on this page as we receive them from the county parties.

what do the ballots look like?

Official ballots will begin mailing in the coming weeks; however, here is an illustrated example of a ranked-choice ballot: