Wyoming Delegate Selection Plan for the 2024 Democratic National Convention

National rules require state party committees to solicit public comment on their plan to select pledged delegates and alternates to the national convention, where the Democratic nominee for President will be selected. Wyoming has been allocated 12 pledged delegates, two pledged alternates and four automatic delegates for the 2024 convention.

At this time, the draft 2024 WDP Delegate Selection Plan will also utilize a Party-run Primary as the first step for determining presidential preference. Fourteen allocated pledged delegates and alternates will be apportioned (to candidate(s)) based on the results of that election. Pledged delegates will be selected in a tiered process that starts at the County Caucus level and ends with final selection at the Wyoming Democratic Party 2024 State Convention. The plan includes details on key dates, delegate candidacy requirements and selection details, and other rules.

All Wyoming's registered as Democrats are eligible to participate in the delegate selection process.

Read the Delegate Selection Plan
2024 WDP's DSP is open for public comment until May 25, 2023