The American Rescue Plan is good for workers, good for families, and good for Wyoming.
Checks in banks
The financial effects of COVID-19 have been devastating:
• Wyoming's unemployment rate has shot up to 5.2%.
• 30,000 adult Wyomingites report not having enough food - and nearly half of those are living with children.
• 13% of renters are behind on their rent payments.
• 33% of adults don't have enough money to cover basic household expenses.

HELP IS HERE. Thanks to Democrats' American Rescue Plan, $1,400 checks *per person* are already hitting bank accounts and mailboxes, helping nearly 90% of Wyomingites and injecting over $500 million dollars into Wyoming's economy.
Shots in arms
More than 600 Wyomingites have died due to COVID-19.

HELP IS HERE. Vaccines are the key to ending the pandemic, and the American Rescue Plan funds not only the cost of the vaccine, but the supplies, protective gear, and personnel needed to distribute them.
Education Funding

Wyoming's legislature has cut our education funding again and again, and we're facing a $300 million education budget shortfall this year.

HELP IS HERE. Democrats' American Rescue Plan provides $312 million for Wyoming schools so our children can receive a safe and quality education.

Medical Care

Wyomingites pay some of the highest health insurance premiums in the country, while struggling with one of the highest uninsured rates.

HELP IS HERE. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, many Wyomingites will see their healthcare premiums drop significantly: a 60 year-old couple will see their premiums drop by as much as $2,829 per MONTH.

Those who lost their jobs and are struggling to afford COBRA health insurance can rest easy - 100% of premiums are covered under the ARP.

Child Poverty

Even before the pandemic, nearly 14% of Wyoming's children were living in poverty. This is unacceptable, and the long-term impacts are severe.

HELP IS HERE. The expanded Child Tax Credit of as much as $1,600 per child will help 128,000 Wyoming families, lifting thousands of children out of poverty.

Local Communities

Our local communities have been hit hard by the pandemic, as sales tax revenues plummet and families struggle to make ends meet.

HELP IS HERE. Democrats' American Rescue Plan is providing a much-needed investment of $177 million to keep our cities and counties safe and solvent.


Republicans have refused to be honest that our state's budget shortfall is causing real harm to every Wyomingite, by cutting services, ignoring infrastructure, and laying off workers.

HELP IS HERE. The American Rescue Plan provides $1.4 billion in economic relief to the state, helping all of us recover from not only the economic impacts of COVID-19, but also years of failed legislative policies that did nothing for Wyoming families.

Tribal Investments

The Native American population has been hit especially hard by COVID-19, while Republicans have failed to recognize or address the problem.

HELP IS HERE. Democrats' American Rescue Plan provides tribal governments with direct support and investments, ensuring tribal members have equal access to aid, vaccines, and support.

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