meet the laramie county democratic candidates!

general election - november 3, 2020

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us senate

dr merav ben-david, us senate

Merav Ben-David is a climate scientist, a UW professor, hunter, veteran, and a Wyomingite through and through.

She is running for the US Senate because our current politicians don’t listen to data, facts, and science. The biggest threat to Wyoming’s working families right now is climate change: as the world transitions to renewable energy, more than 50 percent of Wyoming’s economy would crumble, leaving many Wyominites without access to jobs, healthcare, and education.

Rather than thinking of short-term solutions, Merav prioritizes forward-thinking proposals that are based on data projections of 5, 20, 50 years into the future. Merav’s holistic platform centers on three R’s:

Rescue: provide pandemic relief to Wyoming residents and small businesses to help Wyomingites keep their homes and feed their families.
Reimagine: broaden our vision for Wyoming beyond fossil fuels, and attract industries that bring stable, high paying jobs.
Rebuild: use FDR’s New Deal as a blueprint to get Wyoming and the country back to work and future-proof our economy while protecting the environment.

Scientists, at their core, are problem solvers. The problems we face today call for a bold vision, one informed by facts, one with a long term view, and one that a scientist like Merav is uniquely poised to lead.

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us house of representatives

lynnette grey bull, us house

We need to bring respect, dignity and understanding back into our political discourse. We can disagree without being disagreeable. We cannot go on with this divisive politics of destruction, of personal attacks and insults. I would like to work towards a societal and political realm, where we are working to close the cultural divide, and promote bipartite.

I am running for the Democratic Party nomination for US Congress, but I have demonstrated throughout my political career a willingness and ability to not only reach across the political aisle, but to work constructively with Republican colleagues. For example, recently I served as Chair of the Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs at the Governor's office and participated on the Arizona Governor"s Human Trafficking Task Force, both of these were with Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona, who is a Republican.

Likewise, I worked with Governor Gordon of Wyoming on his Executive Order to address the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW) crisis, and I serve on the Governor's Task Force that was established on the basis of that order. I've worked at the state-level, federal-level, in tribal government, and have also provided research and data to the United Nations.  Lastly, I have spent most of my career advocating for the under-served and the underrepresented -- this effort will continue.  

I aspire to focus on policies that actually benefit the working-class, because I come from the working-class.  Wyoming needs a strong voice; I promise to be that and honor my fellow Wyomingites.

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james w. byrd, sd 8

James was born and raised in Cheyenne, a 4th generation Wyomingite. He represented District 44 in Wyoming's House of Representatives from 2009-2018, a seat his mother, Harriett E. Byrd (Rhone) held from 1980 until her election to the Wyoming Senate in 1988.

James is a graduate of Cheyenne's Central High School and the University of Wyoming, and has served his community in numerous positions, including volunteering with Head Start, as a youth soccer, baseball, and football coach, the youth programs Learning with Legislators and We the People, planning the Cheyenne Juneteenth Celebration, and as Vice President and then Board Chair of the Southeast Wyoming Economic Development District.

James is a moderate Democrat with fiscally conservative positions, with the exception of education--he believes education is an investment in our future, and our youth need and deserve the best we can provide. He is pro small business, energy development, and offers his full support to the U.S. military and Wyoming Guard branches.

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marcie kindred, hd 8 (Cheyenne, laramie county)

While Marcie didn’t know politics was necessarily her next--or ever a-- stop in this glorious adventure called life, she simply has not been able to squash an intense need to give back to the place that has given her so much. Marcie has been an active member of the Cheyenne community, contributing her leadership skills, abundant energy and musical talents to theatre productions, choirs, youth programs, projects, and PTOs. In 2018 she became a licensed real estate agent and a proud member of the National Association of Realtors. She loves the people of this wind-swept prairie and looks forward to serving, preserving and improving our way of life for years to come.

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amy spieker, hd 11

As a public health professional, I know health is foundational to well being and our economy. My field grapples with complex problems from budgets, to housing, healthcare and equity.  My training and practice make me an expert convener, listener and organizer. With these skills, I bring our community together, identify problems and implement solutions. This type of inclusive problem solving is needed in the Wyoming Legislature right now.

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lee filer, hd 12

I'm running to bring reasonable representation back to House District 12. For representation you can count on please Vote Lee Filer this election.

rebecca fields, hd 41

Rebecca Fields was born and raised in a small town in Nebraska known as Blair. After the tragic event of September 11 shocked the world, Rebecca’s husband did the honorable duty and joined the military. Many will relate that being in the military with a family or being a military wife is not an easy task. With different deployments and little time on her hands, Rebecca worked her way through college eventually earning her Bachelor’s degree. As time progressed, her family eventually made it to Cheyenne, Wyoming in 2014. While working full time, providing for her family, and having a husband with a Union career, Rebecca again worked her way through her Master’s degree in business administration. Rebecca is currently pursing her third degree and is currently working on her dissertation.  Please support Rebecca Fields for House District 41. Rebecca is the one person who can assist in helping the community and citizens of all categories of life.

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rep sara burlingame, hd 44

Sara believes in the power of Wyoming voters. She believes that we are stronger when we work together and that today’s problems require a bold new vision to get Wyoming back to a prosperous future.

Sara is the Executive Director at Wyoming Equality and the Representative for House District 44. She has a background in faith organizing that centers on racial and socio-economic justice. She is on the board of Arts Cheyenne, and a member of the Cheyenne Police Advisory Committee.  Sara is proud to identify as a scrappy trailer park kid who made good. She lives with her husband, Jason Thomas, and their two darling barbarian children, Atticus and Emerson, in South Cheyenne.

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Jeff dockter, laramie county commissioner

jenefer pasqua, laramie county community college board of trustees

Jenefer has taught kindergarten through eighth grades and currently teaches Special Education students at Central High School in Cheyenne. Jenefer has served on the Wyoming Department of Education Committee for Science Standards, as the President of the Cheyenne Teachers Education Association, as a LCSD#1 District Trained Mentor, and is a member of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). She has received the KGWN Golden Apple Award for outstanding teaching.

Jenefer earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Wyoming, a Masters of Teaching Degree from City University of Seattle, and a Masters of Science Degree in Special Education from Western Governors University. She is currently working on graduate coursework that will allow her to teach Concurrent Enrollment courses in both Political Science and English. Jenefer and her husband Jason have been married for 18 years and their son, Beckett, attends sixth grade in Cheyenne.

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wendy soto, laramie county community college board of trustees


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