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Casper Star-Tribune: In an effort to help burdened Wyoming homeowners, a committee of lawmakers this week voted to sponsor two bills aimed at property tax relief.

The first was a constitutional amendment draft proposed by Rep. Mike Yin, D-Jackson. If passed, it would allow lawmakers to make residences their own tax class, lower the assessment rate for residential properties as well as pave the way for additional property tax exemptions.

The Wyoming Constitution currently groups residential, agricultural and commercial property under the same tax class.
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Wyoming Truth: A state senator vowed to do whatever he can to persuade his colleagues in a Wyoming legislature committee to approve more funding for public education as the state faces accusations of underfunding education in an ongoing court case.

Sen. Mike Gierau (D-Jackson), a member of the Joint Appropriations Committee, said that Gov. Mark Gordon’s recent recommendation of a $70 million external cost adjustment for K-12 education is more appropriate than the $43 million his committee suggested last month.

“I’m going to work on pressing my colleagues that the $70 million number is a better number,” Gierau said.
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Casper Star-Tribune: Rep. Mike Yin of Jackson will serve as minority floor leader for the Democrats in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

The state’s legislative Democrats met Sunday to decide on House leadership. In addition to selecting Yin as floor leader, they also chose Rep. Karlee Provenza of Laramie as minority whip and Rep. Trey Sherwood of Laramie as minority caucus chair.
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