Adopted June 6, 2020

The Wyoming Democratic Party seeks to ensure that all people enjoy the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution. We are dedicated to ensuring that every person—regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and political affiliation—has a voice in how we are governed. We work for equality, domestic tranquility, the common defense, the general welfare, and liberty. 

We envision a Wyoming in which all people are treated with respect and dignity. A state in which every person has access to justice, housing, healthcare, well-paying jobs, quality public education, public lands, a healthy environment, and the ballot. 

As Democrats—and more importantly, as citizens of this state, nation, and world—we are dedicated to working together to make this vision a reality now and in years to come.


Wyoming Democrats embrace the charge of our state and national constitutions: that all humans are equal and that this principle should be reflected in our local, state, and national laws, business, and societal practices.

• We oppose discrimination and racism in any form and demand equal access to justice, protection under our statutes, services, resources, and economic opportunities for every person in this country.

• We support the enactment of laws in Wyoming that provide equal protection to LGBTQIA+ people in access to quality health care and education, accommodations, employment, and housing.

• We support endeavors to close the wage gap that exists between women and men and we recognize the contributions that women make to every facet of our society.

• We recognize, respect, and support the sovereignty of Native American tribes, which has not been fulfilled in the history of the United States of America.

• We support the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment as it pertains to religion and an individual's right to worship or not worship as they see fit, the separation of church and state, freedom from religion, and the rights of all individuals to choose whether or how they worship.

• We support marriage equality.

• We support the rights of people with disabilities, and promote accessibility for their community to all public spaces, living wages, and civil rights.

• We support the reproductive rights of all Wyomingites.


Wyoming Democrats know that our government works best when it is transparent, accessible, and promotes public involvement.

• We support applying open meeting laws to every level and branch of government.

• We support the enforcement of ethics and conduct standards for all elected officials, public employees, and government contractors.

• We support the availability to citizens of all physical and digital public records of deliberations, votes, and decisions made at every level of government.

• We support electronic voting in the Wyoming State Legislature and that the votes be recorded and preserved for public review.


Wyoming Democrats are dedicated to ensuring that election processes and voting are fair, transparent, and accessible to all citizens, and we believe that unaccounted-for money and influence in politics is detrimental to the integrity of electoral systems.

• We support the elimination of corporate money in politics and the overturning of Citizens United.

• We oppose foreign interference in U.S. elections.

• We oppose the gerrymandering of federal and state legislative districts.

• We support efforts and legislation designed to ensure that all political donations are transparent and traceable to their origin.

• We support laws prohibiting former lawmakers from becoming lobbyists within five years of leaving office.

• We support equal and fair access to media for all candidates.

• We support legislation requiring any federal or statewide candidate appearing on the Wyoming ballot to provide personal and business tax returns for the previous five years.

• We support automatic voter registration and the Universal Right to Vote By Mail Act.

• We support ranked-choice voting for local and statewide elections in Wyoming.

• We support the right to vote of convicted felons as a means of maintaining their connection to their responsibilities of citizenship in the spirit of restorative justice, and if they so choose, to run for and hold state and local office.

• We support the transition of county offices to becoming non-partisan positions.

• We support the end of the Electoral College.

• We support censuses and encourage all to participate to ensure a rightful and fair count for the state of Wyoming.


Wyoming Democrats understand that access to health care—both physical and mental—should be considered a right and not a privilege, from birth to the end of life, including reproductive health care according to personal choice.

• We support the adoption of a universal public health care system in the United States.

• We support the expansion of Medicaid in Wyoming.

• We support protecting and preserving Medicare.

• We support funding for research in critical health areas, including: gun violence, force used by law enforcement officers, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, depression, infectious disease, and prevention and rehabilitation programs.

• We support efforts to strengthen, fund, and foster innovation in rural health care.

• We support the legalization and use of medical marijuana.

• We support family planning, Planned Parenthood, all reproductive health care services, and the right of women to make their own choices regarding their reproductive health, including the right to choose an abortion.

• We support responsible oversight of pharmaceutical companies and prescription drugs by passing common sense release of available data that does not violate individual patient privacy.

• We support increased funding and awareness for mental health and counseling services in Wyoming.

• We support adding emergency medical services as an essential service.


Wyoming Democrats believe in supporting robust investments in public education and agree with the state constitutional mandate that higher education be “as nearly free” as possible.

• We support equal access to fully funded public education from Pre-K through college.

• We support robust funding of public education at the state and national levels.

• We support the inclusion of vocational training in our public education system.

• We support the inclusion of early childhood education as a fundamental educational right and moving it's oversight and funding from the Department of Health and Human Services to the Wyoming Department of Education, thereby ensuring adequate funding and recognizing its educational importance.

• We support the right of educators to negotiate collectively and participate in the certification process to ensure a high standard of quality in teaching and learning.

• We support funding for the University of Wyoming and the seven community colleges in our state, as well as cultivating a rich diversity of academic programs and opportunities.

• We support the promotion of the humanities, creative arts, social sciences, civic and government studies, natural sciences, technology, mathematics, and formal sciences at all educational levels and institutions.

• We oppose teaching “alternative science” that lacks a scientific base of fact or theory.

• We support the cultivation of a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff and oppose the arming of any school employees.

• We support academic programs at all levels that promote and cultivate the acceptance of diversity.


To achieve prosperity, Wyoming Democrats promote policies and practices that protect workers’ safety and rights, cultivate economic diversity, and consider important tax reforms.

• We support the right of employees to organize and enter into collective bargaining, including the legalization and formation of worker-owned cooperatives in Wyoming.

• We recognize that “right to work” is a manipulative phrase and oppose any legislation that leads to that purpose.

• We support equal pay for equal work.

• We support efforts and programs designed to study and promote economic diversity in our state and region.

• We support programs to support displaced workers through economic means and job education and training.

• We support a minimum living wage of $15/hour for all workers, including "Tip Workers."

• We believe that retirement income and pensions should be preserved even in cases of companies and firms becoming insolvent.

• We believe public safety is not a negotiable item between a corporation and its employees, and we support the adoption of policies and statutes that require a two-person crew for trains bringing freight through Wyoming.

• We support affirmative action policies to create diverse work environments and offer more opportunities to traditionally underemployed and disadvantaged populations.

• We support a system where the benefits of economic growth are distributed to workers who helped to drive that growth.

• We support effective and enhanced efforts to maintain and improve safe working conditions and standards for workers in Wyoming.

• We support the preservation of the U.S. Social Security System.

• We support the continuation of the U.S. Postal Service.

• We support progressive forms of taxation and establishing a progressive income tax in Wyoming as part of reducing our state's dependence on mineral severance funds.

• We hold that income from investments should not be taxed lower than those from earnings by workers.

• We support public banking and postal banking.

• We support the legalization of marijuana as an economic revenue source for the state, and we support marijuana tax dollars to be used for infrastructure that supports clean water and clean air, education, prison reform, and twenty-first century transportation technologies.


Wyoming is home to and known for the beauty of our diverse and dramatic natural environments. The access we have to public lands and spaces is unique and worth preserving. Wyoming Democrats recognize the importance of conserving wildlife, wildlands, and our rich legacy of connecting with the environment.

• We recognize that federal lands belong to all Americans and oppose any efforts to transfer the management of public lands to the state or any other entity.

• We believe that Wyoming’s travel, wildlife, and outdoor recreation sector is vital to our way of life and economy.

• We believe that any lands acquired by the State of Wyoming should be managed for the long-term benefit of all people, wildlife, and the environment.

• Recognizing the scientific research that climate change is driven by human activity, we support a Green New Deal that explicitly cares for fossil fuel states and workers.

• We believe that providing quality jobs and protecting the environment are not mutually exclusive goals.

• We support maintaining a diverse energy portfolio and emphasizing the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency in economic growth, sustainability, and diversification.

• We support small farming and ranching operations in Wyoming and sustainable, responsible agricultural practices.

• We support the U.S. rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015.

• We support a common-sense option that is good for ranchers who willingly choose to retire their grazing permits, benefits American taxpayers, and the long-term health of our public lands.

• We support the enforcement of environmental protection laws that reduce pollution and ensure the clean air and water across Wyoming and the nation.

• We support actions that will lead to the participation of the United States in global initiatives to combat climate change and the spread of emerging diseases.

• We oppose any effort to curtail net metering and we support the right to participate in residential renewable energy.

• We support the formation of public-private partnerships to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Wyoming and the United States.


Our country was built on immigration. Today, it continues to weave a rich tapestry of diversity that improves our communities. Wyoming Democrats appreciate and welcome those who choose to come to this country.

• We support immigration and advocate for an immigration system that provides a clear and consistent path to citizenship.

• We oppose the construction of a wall on the U.S. Southern border.

• We support keeping immigrant families together and strongly oppose the separation of children from parents and incarceration in cages at the hands of our government.

• We support a path to citizenship for individuals referred to as DACA or Dreamers.

• We oppose the building of private prisons and Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities in Wyoming.

• We support exposing and eliminating human trafficking.

• We oppose any efforts to deny immigrants health care and human services, education, or access to justice.


Wyoming Democrats recognize the need to protect the well-being of all people in our state and nation through our services, justice system, and laws.

• We support and defend freedom of speech for every person in this nation.

• We support the Second Amendment by attempting to balance the "right to bear arms" with the requirement to be "well regulated" to maintain this right.

• We support the U.S. Bill of Rights as written in the U.S. Constitution.

• We support the legalization of marijuana and ending the war on drugs.

• We oppose private and for-profit prisons, including Adult Community Corrections facilities.

• We support more effective laws addressing domestic violence and violence against all peoples, and we support the Violence Against Women Act.

• We support efforts, programs, funding, and legislation to address poverty in our state and nation.

• We support minimizing incarceration and promoting rehabilitation.

• We support public safety nets to help protect the vulnerable among our population.

• We acknowledge the toxic effects of white privilege and recognize the persisting damage done from this nation's history of slavery and discrimination; as a Party, we stand in solidarity in affirming Black Lives Matter.

• We support a systemic change in the policing of people, including: the reallocation of law enforcement funding to social wellness and prevention programs, nonviolent crisis de-escalation training for law enforcement, education for law enforcement in mental health and racial justice, trauma screening and intervention for law enforcement, and a transparent process for improper use of force.

• We condemn violence against, and support protections for, indigenous women and girls.


Wyoming Democrats recognize that we are global citizens and have a role to play in promoting peace and prosperity across the globe.

• We support diplomacy as the priority in international relations and we support the restoration of collaborative relationships with other nations that promote the principles of freedom, human rights, and compassion without the use of force.

• We support humanitarian aid to other nations and peoples and we support a pledge for the U.S. to rejoin the World Health Organization as a contributing member.

• We believe in restoring the constitutional authority of Congress to declare war and authorize policing or defensive military actions against other nations and peoples.

• We support a reduction of resources expended on militarism.

• We support the U.S. once again taking an active role in nuclear disarmament.


The Wyoming Democratic Party would like to recognize the work, contributions, and accomplishments of the following individuals, groups, and organizations:

• The nurses, doctors, and health care workers of this nation who are fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

• All emergency responders, firefighters, and police officers who serve our communities.

• The members of the armed forces—both current and foreign—for their willingness to serve our nation.

• Democrats holding office at every level of government who are advocating for the principles of our party, fighting for the least among us, and continuing to represent the interests of their constituents with integrity and statesmanship—especially those in Wyoming.