Adopted in Riverton June 9, 2018

The Wyoming Democratic Party seeks to ensure that all people enjoy the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We welcome people of every race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. We work for justice, domestic tranquility, the common defense, the general welfare, and liberty. Wyoming’s rich legacy of equality, freedom, wide-open spaces, and being good neighbors improves the lives of everyone.

These are our guiding values and principles:

fairness & equality

We believe all humans are equal.


Transparency, ethics, & justice


Fair elections & free speech


Healthcare is a right.


Fully-funded education systems are a must.

economy, employment, & taxes

Fair opportunities for all.


Public lands in public hands.

native americans

Tribes are sovereign entities.


Diplomacy over war.


Citizenship should be attainable.


Get involved!


We embrace the charge of our state and national constitutions that all humans are equal. This principle should be reflected in our local, state and national laws.

We support legislation against hate crimes, which include those against gender expressions, sexual orientation, race, creed, political beliefs, age, disability, economic status, and religion.

We support legislation to include LGBTQ citizens under the protections of existing anti-discrimination laws.


Government works best when business is conducted in the open with public involvement.

We support the separation of church and state.

We believe “government” is not some outside force but if done correctly is everyone coming together to look out for one another.

We generally oppose the privatization of public services.

We support the enforcement of existing binding ethics and conduct standards for all elected officials, public employees and government contractors.

We will work for a fair and impartial justice system reducing sentencing for non-violent offenders, eliminating institutional racism in sentencing and parole practices and repealing the death penalty.

Legislation must be a transparent process that identifies the sources of influence and authors of each bill. The floor debate must be recorded and made available to the public.


Our democracy requires fair and open elections. Unaccounted for and “dark” money damage the integrity of electoral politics.

We believe corporations are not people and money is not speech.


Accessible Health care both physical and mental should be considered a right and not a privilege, from birth to end of life, including reproductive health care according to personal choice.

We support comprehensive sex education, pregnancy care and prevention services, and the full range of reproductive health care options. Women in every county in Wyoming should be able to choose to have access to those options, including abortions.

The United States of America needs to specifically and directly address the issue of gun violence through effective public policy.

Wyoming Democratic Party supports the legalization of marijuana both medical and recreational.


Wyoming Democrats support investing in public education; and we agree with the state constitutional mandate that higher education be “as nearly free” as possible.

We support equal access to fully funded public education at all levels.


Our boom and bust cycle creates economic instability. To achieve prosperity, our state needs tax reform and economic diversification.

We support equal pay for equal work.

We support raising the state minimum wage to a living wage and include a yearly COLA for all workers including service employees earning tips.

We believe that workers’ rights should be defended and that workers have the right to organize, protest, and collectively bargain for wages and benefits.


Wyoming offers incredible access to unique public lands and spaces. We oppose transferring ownership of federally-managed lands to state or private interests.

We support public ownership of and access to public lands including historic access of public land through private land.

The conservation of Wyoming’s landscapes, and animal and plant life that exist here, should be prioritized by local, state, and federal governments.

We support efforts at all level of government and the private sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, and we support environmentally responsible development of renewable energy sources.


We respect the sovereignty of Native American governments and all benefit from tribal pursuits to preserve their cultural integrity.


Americans should treat other nations and peoples with dignity and respect. Diplomacy should reign supreme over armed conflict.


We support responsible immigration, keeping families together, and providing attainable opportunities for citizenship.

We support exposing and eliminating human trafficking and eliminating the exploitation of any person.

We oppose private prisons and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention and deportation centers in Wyoming.

We oppose the adoption of local state or national statutes depriving immigrants of their health safety and well-being.

We support DACA and DAPA.

We support the Supreme Court decision which ensures that every child in the US has a right to education, regardless of immigration status, and without fear of being reported by local educational agencies.


Finally, we encourage all Democrats to get involved. Hold our elected representatives accountable. Volunteer for boards and commissions. Run for office. Above all-VOTE!

Wyoming Democratic Party Platform, 2018