primary election - august 21, 2018

Meet your Democratic Primary candidates!


mary throne

Throne, a former legislator, is campaigning with a focus on lifting Wyoming out of a boom or bust economy. She says, “Today’s problems deserve better than yesterday’s thinking.”

ken casner

Casner is running as a “common candidate” and pledges to be a voice for regular Wyomingites who need help.
Casner’s only online presence is through articles and other mentions of his campaign stops:

rex wilde

Wilde’s main focus during his campaign is to push for the legalization of marijuana. His only online presence is in articles and interviews about his candidacy:

michael allen greene

Green has said he is running for diversification of Wyoming policies. He has a limited online presence and has attended few debates or forums. Here’s a mention of him following a debate in Riverton:


travis helm

“We need representatives with integrity and commitment to their community. I'm a 4th generation Wyomingite and I proudly serve Wyoming families as an immigration attorney. I want to serve ALL Wyoming families in the US House, and take our Wyoming values to Washington DC.”

greg hunter

"For too long, our representatives in Washington, DC have contributed to a corrupt culture of valuing those with financial means over the common voter. I'm running for Congress to restore power to the people and put an end to pay-to-play politics. As your representative, I will always put you first and advocate for the issues you care most about. If you're ready to own your own Congressman for a change, I'd appreciate your vote on August 21st."

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