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general election - november 3, 2020

dr merav ben-david, us senate

Merav Ben-David is a climate scientist, a UW professor, hunter, veteran, and a Wyomingite through and through.

She is running for the US Senate because our current politicians don’t listen to data, facts, and science. The biggest threat to Wyoming’s working families right now is climate change: as the world transitions to renewable energy, more than 50 percent of Wyoming’s economy would crumble, leaving many Wyominites without access to jobs, healthcare, and education.

Rather than thinking of short-term solutions, Merav prioritizes forward-thinking proposals that are based on data projections of 5, 20, 50 years into the future. Merav’s holistic platform centers on three R’s:

Rescue: provide pandemic relief to Wyoming residents and small businesses to help Wyomingites keep their homes and feed their families.
Reimagine: broaden our vision for Wyoming beyond fossil fuels, and attract industries that bring stable, high paying jobs.
Rebuild: use FDR’s New Deal as a blueprint to get Wyoming and the country back to work and future-proof our economy while protecting the environment.

Scientists, at their core, are problem solvers. The problems we face today call for a bold vision, one informed by facts, one with a long term view, and one that a scientist like Merav is uniquely poised to lead.

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lynnette grey bull, us house

We need to bring respect, dignity and understanding back into our political discourse. We can disagree without being disagreeable. We cannot go on with this divisive politics of destruction, of personal attacks and insults. I would like to work towards a societal and political realm, where we are working to close the cultural divide, and promote bipartite.

I am running for the Democratic Party nomination for US Congress, but I have demonstrated throughout my political career a willingness and ability to not only reach across the political aisle, but to work constructively with Republican colleagues. For example, recently I served as Chair of the Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs at the Governor's office and participated on the Arizona Governor"s Human Trafficking Task Force, both of these were with Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona, who is a Republican.

Likewise, I worked with Governor Gordon of Wyoming on his Executive Order to address the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW) crisis, and I serve on the Governor's Task Force that was established on the basis of that order. I've worked at the state-level, federal-level, in tribal government, and have also provided research and data to the United Nations.  Lastly, I have spent most of my career advocating for the under-served and the underrepresented -- this effort will continue.  

I aspire to focus on policies that actually benefit the working-class, because I come from the working-class.  Wyoming needs a strong voice; I promise to be that and honor my fellow Wyomingites.

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senator liisa anselmi-dalton, sd 12

I am running for re-election because I have the experience, leadership and background that our state and county need in this time of uncertainty.  As a Rock Springs native, I am determined to continue to work hard to serve Sweetwater County and ensure that our portion of the state is not overlooked when funding is allocated.  With oil, gas and coal pressured by unrealistic and uncertain environmental requirements, I will work with local leaders to look for realistic ways to diversify our economy.  As a former member of both the State Tourism Board and our local Sweetwater County Tourism Board, I also recognize the lift and diversification tourism offers our state.

My priorities include protecting liberty and personal freedom, limiting unnecessary government regulation and spending, requiring transparency, supporting victims of domestic violence, promoting equality for all people in our state, and ensuring access for hunting, fishing and other recreational uses.

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chad banks, hd 17

A fifth generation Rock Springs resident, I am dedicated to our community and Wyoming.  I believe in leaving things better than I found them and apply that to every aspect of my life, be it a hiking trail or our community. In my current role as the manager of the Rock Springs Urban Renewal Agency/Main Street Program, I am a true community champion.  I work closely with small businesses and believe in their ability to transform Wyoming’s economy.

I am an unapologetic advocate for Rock Springs and want to take that passion to the state legislature.  I previously served on the Rock Springs City Council from 2003-2008 and again from 2011-2013. I have a B.S degree in marketing from the University of Wyoming.  I have three daughters, Katie (22), Grace (17) and Hadley (15) and I am engaged to be married this August.  My children hope to live and work in Wyoming so the mission to create a more vibrant and diverse Wyoming is personal for me.

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rep stan blake, hd 39

Representative Blake has served the people of HD 39 since 2007 and currently sits on the Agriculture, Select Water, Select Tribal Committee . He is also a member of the International Association of Sheet Metal Air Rail Transportation Union- Transportation Division and the Fraternal Order of Eagles. At home Representative Blake is a conductor, he is the father of four with 15 grandchildren and enjoys time with his spouse, Terri June.

lindsey travis, hd 60

I am running for office to help ensure a bright future for my community and state. I am an advocate for strong educational funding, services for seniors, support for small businesses, affordable and accessible health care, and equality for all. I believe the best way to create a vibrant future in our state is to have a wide variety of voices at the table when making decisions.

I have a background of leadership, public service and advocacy. I am currently an assistant director at the Sweetwater County Library System where I work with people across the county, collaborating on projects and advocating for lifelong love of reading and learning. Prior to working at the library I worked for NOWCAP Services advocating for people with disabilities. I also had a 12-year journalism career. I have spent my career thinking differently and brainstorming new ideas and procedures to help organizations power through tough times. As your Wyoming House District 60 legislator, I will use those same skills to push for policies that prioritize people and steer our state towards a future in which all Wyomingites can thrive.

I am looking for a future in which my kids, and the kids of other Wyomingites, see Wyoming as a place they want to stay and raise their own families. Wyoming is facing tough times, and we need leaders who are willing to work hard, to work together, to listen and make changes that will allow Wyoming to be prosperous for generations to come. I am the candidate who will do just that.

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joe m. barbuto, sweetwater county commission

A fifth-generation native of Sweetwater County, Joe M Barbuto has spent most of his life in Rock Springs.

​From 2008 to 2013, Joe represented House District 48 in the State Legislature, where he also served as House Minority Caucus Chair. Other public service includes current membership on the Library Foundation Board and as a former member of the Sweetwater County Library Board of Directors, the Rock Springs Historical Museum Board, and as a volunteer for several other community and state organizations.  

Professionally, Joe is a consultant/contractor working with clients on strategic planning, organization development, needs assessments, and communication. His other professional experience includes work in the non-profit sector focusing on organizational and leadership development.

Along with his wife Erin and their dogs, Chapter and Molly, Joe has a passion for the public lands of Sweetwater County and fills several days and hours exploring the desert, fishing, and finding historic homestead sites. When not spending time outdoors, he enjoys making music with other local musicians.

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dave gray, sweetwater county commission

Dave is a conservative Democrat who believes strongly in the US Constitution, Wyoming Constitution and the amendments to the constitution.

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Tim Robinson, RS City Council 1

Ryan Greene, RS City Council 2

Dawn Mansir, Granger Town Council

Carol Jelaco, SBT #1

Brenda Roosa, SBT #2

Cristy Pelham, SBT #2

Robbie L. deLeur, SBT #2

Regina M. Clark, WWCC CT #2

Bob Gordon, Castle Rock Hospital District

James Reinard, Jamestown/Rio Vista Fire District

Daniel Shedden, Jamestown/Rio Vista Water&Sewer District

A Jeff Varely, Sweetwater County Fire District #1

Brian Kelly, West Side Water & Sewer District

William Current, West Side Water & Sewer District


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