Meet the Staff
Rachel Leger Wyoming Democratic Party
Rachel Leger
Executive Director

Rachel Leger is a 4th generation Wyomingite, born and raised in Wyoming. Rachel was raised by a very Democratic family and has marched many marches with her grandmother and cousins. She is the proud mother of one and loves that her son is into politics already and attends marches with her. Rachel became the Executive Director in August of 2023, and was the Deputy Director before that and has been with WDP since 2020. Rachel was nominated for the Business Woman of Cheyenne in 2019 and has owned two businesses.

Erin O'Doherty Wyoming Democratic Party
Erin O'Doherty
Data Director

Erin O'Doherty came home to Wyoming more than 27 years ago to work as a wildlife ecologist. She is a lifelong activist who cares deeply about providing a healthy, prosperous future for all people for generations to come. Since retiring from her science career she has been applying her database skills to help non-profit organizations and electoral politics.

Nina Hebert Wyoming Democratic Party
Greg Haas
Organizing Director

My name is Greg Haas. I traveled a long and winding road to the mountain west. I've been busy raising my kids with my wife in Wyoming. I'm trying my best to help out and leave this world better than I found it. My work experience is in agriculture, labor, mental health, various retail and customer-facing jobs. I was secretary and now am chair of my county's Democratic Committee.

Nina Hebert Wyoming Democratic Party
Mandy Weaver
Communication Director

Meet our Communications Director, Mandy Weaver!
She is a 5th generation Wyomingite who never has and never
will live anywhere but the squarest state. Mandy decided to get involved
in politics when Trump became President and she had to do something
to shake the feeling of bone-deep existential dread.
She emailed the Wyoming Democratic Party to ask where to find a meeting in her town,
and ended up the Chair of the Washakie County Democratic Party- a position
that changed the entire direction of her life. Mandy has been a passionate and
involved Wyoming Democrat ever since- she was the winner of the
Nellie Tayloe Ross Award in 2018 and became the Secretary of the party in 2019,
a position she held until resigning to take on the role of Communications Director.  
Mandy is the proud mother of three daughters, whom she has happily raised
with her husband Kyle and dragged around to political events and knocking
doors for political candidates nearly their entire lives. She has an
unwavering belief that nobody on planet Earth is braver or more badass than
Wyoming Democrats, and if they stand up, speak out, and work together,
they can and will change this state for the better girls and a husband.

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