An open letter on the president's comments on our military members and fallen heroes

“Disappointment” is not the only word we can use to describe our feelings at President Trump’s latest embarrassment - the release of yet more disrespectful comments towards our nation’s military. There is a disconnect between his view of our servicemembers and their true sacrifice; between his apparent selfishness and their willingness to serve this country. 

When the President wondered aloud “What’s in it for them?” he showed his true character - one who cannot appreciate true service, who cannot fathom why anyone would place their country ahead of their own self-interest. 

When he referred to fallen service members as “losers” and “suckers,” he proved that his lip service about support for the troops is lies. 

No, “disappointment” is not a strong enough word for these comments; but what would be? Shock, horror, bewilderment? All of these, and more. 

The women and men who have served this country, and continue to serve today, are not “suckers;” those who lost their lives so that others could be free are not “losers.” They are among the very best of us; the ones who left their families behind and every day put their lives on the line because they understood what it means to be part of something bigger than oneself. 

The Wyoming Democratic Party is home to many veterans and military families; to every servicemember, veteran, and military family, we offer our true respect and support, and look forward to the day that we have a Commander-in-Chief who truly shares our sentiments, instead of espousing them only when it is politically convenient. 

-Wyoming Democratic Party, and the undersigned:
Joe M. Barbuto, Chair, Wyoming Democratic Party • Erin O’Doherty, Vice Chair, Wyoming Democratic Party • Sarah Hunt, Executive Director, Wyoming Democratic Party • Nina Hebert, Communications Director, Wyoming Democratic Party; Veteran, USAF; Military Spouse, Sister, & Granddaughter, USAF • Jennifer Pasqua, Vice Chair, Laramie County Democrats; Candidate, LCCC Board of Trustees; Educator • Vickie Goodwin, Chair, Converse County Democrats • Lynnette Grey Bull, Candidate, U.S. House of Representatives • Carrie Murthy, Chair, Albany County Democrats • Meghan Jensen, Chair, Sweetwater County Democrats • David Tanner, Chair, Uinta County Democrats • Debbie Tanner • Debbie Bovee, Chair, Natrona County Democrats • Lucas Fralick, National Committeeman, Wyoming Democratic Party • Representative Mike Yin (D-Teton) • Lindsey Hanlon, Deputy Communications Director, Wyoming Democratic Party • Margie Farias • Dr. Dana Perterman • Dr. Merav Ben-David, Candidate, U.S. Senate • Jackie Grimes, Candidate, WY Senate District 10 • Britney Wallesch, Candidate, WY Senate District 6 • James W. Byrd, Candidate, WY Senate District 8 • Jane Ifland, Candidate, WY House District 57 • Levi Shinkle, Chair, Young Democrats of Wyoming; Candidate, WY House District 28 • Benjamin Rowland, Chair, Laramie County Dems • Marylee White, Chair, Teton County Dems • Hollis Hackman, Chair, Sheridan County Dems; Veteran, USA • Joohee Muromcew • Marcie Kindred, Candidate, WY House District 8 • Dawn R. Barela • Max E. Barela Jr. • Ed Hollingsworth • Tim Hollingsworth • Susan Barela • Ken Chestek, State Committeeman (Albany County), Wyoming Democratic Party • Jessica Sell Chambers, National Committeewoman, Wyoming Democratic Party; Candidate, Jackson Town Council; Granddaughter, USMC; Sister, USAF

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