The Wyoming Democratic Party is committed to being a voice for all Wyoming Democrats.
Help us honor our past while embracing our future.


We believe education is the right of all students, and the key to Wyoming's future.


We believe it is our duty as citizens to take care of our returning veterans.


We believe that public lands belong in public hands, not sold to the highest bidder.

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The Wyoming Democratic Party believes that the promise of Wyoming should promote inclusion and opportunity, that fairness and hard work are Wyoming values, and that a common sense approach means striking a balance between sticking to traditional roots and bringing new voices to the table.


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a note from our party chair, joe barbuto

It is an exciting time to be a Wyoming Democrat.

Traveling our state, I am inspired by the resurgence of energy taking place in our party. People are no longer willing to sit on the sidelines - they want to be in the game, making a difference, and electing Democrats. A blue wind is blowing across this state.

Our state needs a change. For too long, one party has gripped the majority of elected offices. As a result, we suffer dwindling revenues, declining population, threats to public lands, cuts to education, and even challenges to our civil rights. Voters from both sides of the aisle agree - it’s time for balance, accountability, and retreat from the status quo.

That’s why it’s such an exciting time for our party. We have the opportunity to elect Wyoming Democrats up and down the ballot in 2018. Expert staff, local parties, elected officials, activists, and state party officers are committed to making that a reality in November.

Now… we need you.

Become involved with your party. Knock on doors for a candidate. Make phone calls. Attend local party meetings. Invest in the Wyoming Democratic Party. Success depends on you.
Thank you for visiting our website and supporting this organization. Let me know how the state party can be of service.
A blue wind is blowing in the Equality State.